Do it anyway. Living the dream in an unexpected way!

Have you ever wanted to do something? Achieve something? Or maybe become something? It could be anything.

Dream BIG baby!

I was about 20 years old. I was sitting at the table in my little apartment with my best friend from university. I think we were probably drinking Boon's ( a top of the line bottle of wine). We were solving all the world problems.

She looked at me and said, "you need to be next Barbara Walters, on the View." I don't know if it was the Boons talking, or she thought I was terrific. As an aspiring journalism student, I quickly embraced the dream!

You're thinking, ok, Jenny; you went from having a BIG CRAZY dream like that to writing this blog from your living room, no bra, and uncombed hair. Did you even brush your teeth? Nice!

Livin the dream, hey?

Yup, my life has been some great success, mixed with some severe falls and disappointments that have led me to here.

 I have survived!

I have a supportive husband, faith, a great therapist, and some of my favorite oils to breathe in to help me relax after my many let downs.

Did I tell you I love essential oils? Something about smelling something good is so grounding for me. We go through it in the buckets in my home.

I feel like my life theme song should be, I get knocked down by Chumbawamba

( I know just aged myself).

Go ahead, have a listen, rock out. You can find it on Spotify or even Youtube if you wish.

I am moving and grooving in my chair as I am writing this.

The heart of the matter is this:

My most prominent teacher, the one that inspires me the most, is about 4 ft tall.

He is my son. Rhett was born with a brain malformation and cerebral palsy. His quality of life was in question.

The question arose if we wanted to terminate the pregnancy ( we found out something was wrong when I was 23 weeks pregnant). Doctors suggested our son would never walk or talk amongst other disabilities.

Yes, Rhett is a 10-year-old fighter, and he has the strength of David fighting Goliath when you look at all he has overcome.

He started walking about two years ago ( after hours and hours and days and years of therapy). He can say about ten words ( I love hearing his little voice ), and he was potty trained about a year ago (the most fantastic goal ever accomplished)!

 It may not be fast, it may not be far, but it is one step at a time!

He was so wobbly when he started, and because Rhett was so big, falling did a number on his face and body. But he always got back up, and the more he walked, the better he got. If he can do it, why can't I and why can't you?

The Lesson Learned

When you start something new, maybe a healthier eating plan, a new job, or perhaps your life is experiencing a complete do-over, you are going to suck at it. You won't be good at it. You might fall, and it will hurt, and you will have scars, but get back up. Don't give up or give in.

Retreat to your place of comfort, your safe place. Recharge and reset. Rest!

For me, that place of retreat is my home, my family, my faith, and all the things that bring me comfort and then I try again.

You will be more determined, you will be braver, and I promise you will do better. Just try again.

 Prove it, Jenny.

I may not be the next Barbara Walters; I may not get up in the morning and put on a sexy pair of heels and designer suite, discussing issues that matter (most days a shower and little bit of mascara is doing it up).

The heart of the matter is, I am a successful Network Marketer, impacting, and changing lives around the globe.

I am an entrepreneur and the owner of MyHome2020.

I am a mother to three of the most amazing kids.

I am the wife to my best friend who loves me and supports me through the fun and the crazy.

I have failed, I have fallen, I have hurt beyond measure, I have hurt those I love the most.

Celebrate your successes. Have a dance party for all the things that you got right in your life. Then revisit that hurdle, that goal, or that thing that you want to accomplish.

You don't need to be fabulous off the hop. You do need to make that first step towards your dream and keep making it. 

As you fail and fall, your vision will become more evident. It is then that you will begin to live your intended dream!

I am living my intended dream, and I invite you to live your dream with me.

It might not always be what you had in mind. It might be better.

Share with me what your BIG dream was or is, and let's connect.

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From my heart to yours,



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