The gift is in the giving! Be the gift this holiday season!

I just love the holidays!

I love the get together of family, the smells of great food, and the feels of a warm blanket on a cold winter day!

Every Christmas morning my house is a pile of wrapping paper with the sounds of excited children. 

There is nothing more satifying then seeing my childrens' faces as they open their gifts. 

This year, MyHome wants to do something special to help a family in need.

Cerebral Palsy Kids and Families is an organization that is near and dear to our hearts.

They help so many families through the many programs they offer, be it their adaptive bike program, (adaptiving bikes so children with CP can enjoy the fun of a bike), a summer camp, a kids christmas party with Santa or even a coffee and chat with a parent. The support that they give to so many families blows my mind, and I am so incredibly grateful for everything they have done to help support our family, and our son Rhett, on his journey with cerebral palsy.

Every year CP Kids and Families has an amazing program to help needing families of a child with CP at christmas.

Having a child with any special need can be taxing on a family, emotionally and more importantly finacially. CP Kids and Families, have Adopt a Family, giving others an opportunity along with their non profit organization to help someone less fortunate during the holidays.

Giving back is a value that I cherish so much!

For me the gift is in the giving. This year, the Wanner family is going to adopt a CP family, however, MyHome wants to give 5% of every sale in the month of November to help adopt CP families that are feeling the burden this holiday season. MyHome is  going to adopt as many families as we can this year, thanks to your support, because the gift is in the giving.

If you would like more information on CP Kids and Families and how you can support them even more, please visit




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