Totally not a home body, but loving the slow pace!

Maybe it's the rainy weather or the oils in my diffuser, or perhaps it's just the comfort of home, but this momma is chilled out!

I am a doer and a goer, and this stay home, isolate lifestyle we have all been living is not all bad in my books!

I've always been on the move

When I reflect on my childhood, if I wasn't out with my friends, I was holding up the phone line chatting the night away.

Yes, anyone trying to get through to us, was getting a busy signal.

Jenny was talking to one of her best friends!

That beep, beep, beep sound would drive my family and anyone trying to get through the line wild.

Cell phones did not exist. We had one phone, and it was a landline.

I was who I was, and why would I change? My friends were my world.

Fast forward to high school; there was no stopping me. Growing up in rural Saskatchewan, you couldn't keep me on the farm. 

I was always on the go or planning my next escape.

I got my driver's license, and I was in town, joining a group of free friends or any extracurricular activity.

College, I was a member of the student council, I worked a part-time job, and I studied full time. Did I mention I loved my social life? It was epic! 

You get the picture, life has always been hectic, and I love it. 

Old habits die hard

Now! I have kids a family; we are running from one appointment to another therapy session, one dance practice to girl guides or piano lessons.

A mom on a mission is what I call my lifestyle.

Then COVID happened, and it all came to a screeching halt.

How did you manage, you ask?

Well, the first month was an adjustment, to say the least! However, adapt, and pivot is also a strategy I am learning to master.

Is it all bad?

As a business owner, It has been detrimental!

My heart aches for all those affected by this crisis!

Believe you me that includes pretty much everyone on this planet.

However, looking at the good (that is what I like to do), my kids love the slow pace! They love being home. I love being home!

Today I just want to be thankful for the slow down! No buts, just gratitude to enjoy my home, my family, and all those that I love ( and no, it's not always a bed of roses). We have our moments, our tears, and our frustrations, but the slow down has allowed me to really evaluate my life speed and maybe appreciate the simpler times. Become a better friend, mom, and wife.

How has the slow down positively influenced you? 

Will you look at life through more transparent glasses, with a fresh perspective?

The heart of the matter is

I am itching to get back to it. I still love busy! I am dying to get back to routine, to get active, but my busy will look different, and I will appreciate and embrace the downtimes, and the people that make up my healthy home, MyHome.

I hope you will too, and I hope you can find gratitude in this season.

I am so happy you have visited MyHome today!

I hope that you can find a blessing in the chaos of life.

I look forward to hearing from you and serving you in the future!

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From my heart to yours,


What's in your diffuser today?


Seasonal Happiness

2 Drops of Lavender

2 Drops of Lemon

2 Drops of Peppermint



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