All things Bamboo


The most sustainable of all-natural fibers out there with antibacterial qualities that make it able to repel as well as eliminate any bacteria it comes across. No chemicals or additives are used to prevent wrinkling or shrinking.

Bamboo sheets are naturally breathable; its fibers expand when warm to let the skin breathe and contract when cool to create warmth, more comfortable sleeping temperatures.

Unlike regular sheets manufactured from traditional materials, bamboo comfort sheets keep their users warmer during cold nights and cooler during the hot ones, due to their “wicking” properties, which draw the moisture away from the body, allowing it to evaporate on the outer surfaces of the sheet. This is a wonderful advantage for those who experience extremes in body temperatures that would otherwise keep them awake for much of the night.

Bamboo sheets are made from ultra-fine weave double-brushed microfiber with bamboo yarns for an extra-soft feel.

Copper Infused Bamboo sheets are everything bamboo but with a more give. 

Most people wear copper bracelets, socks, and even gloves for a variety of reasons. These Bamboo sheets help keep the moisture off your body times 2.

Get your hands on a set of Copper Infused Bamboo sheets today!