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Egyptian Comfort

OPULENCE YOU CAN SEE AND FEEL: Create a welcoming environment and a restful feeling in the bedroom with this TOP QUALITY and AFFORDABLE BAMBOO Egyptian collection. You’ll find yourself getting a restful night of sleep on our comfortable bed sheets.

Bamboo sheet sets provide an astounding abundance of benefits over even the best-quality traditional sheets.

The big advantages of bamboo sheets are the softness and hypoallergenic qualities.

Soft, silky comfort – One of the main reasons for anyone to buy bamboo sheets is their opulent softness. Regardless of their age or the number of times they have been washed and dried, they will never feel coarse or binding, and instead offer a sensual softness that is lightweight and silky.

More comfortable sleeping temperatures –Unlike regular sheets manufactured from traditional materials, bamboo comfort sheets keep their users warmer during cold nights and cooler during the hot ones, due to their “wicking” properties, which draw the moisture away from the body, allowing it to evaporate on the outer surfaces of the sheet. This is a wonderful benefit for those who experience extremes in body temperatures that would otherwise keep them awake for much of the night.

Antimicrobial characteristicsbamboo sheets possess germ-resistant qualities that outperform most other fabrics in the health arena.

Egyptian Comfort

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