Turkish Bath Towels and Throws

Every towel and throw is handmade entirely of local Turkish material, soft cotton, and absorbs more quickly than classic terry towels.

Turkish towels are an easy way to update a bathroom and give it a stylish look!

STYLISH COLOR PATTERNS: Towels come in a variety of beautiful colors and stripe designs to match your bathroom décor.

USE THEM EVERYWHERE: Turkish towel is designed to be used multifunctional. You can use it at the beach, pool, spa, fitness/Yoga matt or use it at home. It is a trendy towel and lightweight alternative to big old towels at the beach.

Some have even used some of our towels and throws as a table cloth, scarf, or shawl.

HIGHLY ABSORBENT, QUICK-DRY, LIGHTWEIGHT: Our beach towel is lightweight, but it is very absorbent due to the quality of the cotton used - Turkish Cotton is one of the most absorbent kinds of cotton in the world. Quickly dries under 30 mins when hanged. Air-breathing fabric makes it dry quickly.

100% Cotton 

MACHINE WASHABLE: Every time you wash our unique Turkish bath towels, they’ll get softer and more comfortable, making them great for kids and adults! Coldwater, delicate cycle if possible, wash on their own