Anatolia Peshtemal Turkish Towel - Various colors to choose from

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Anatolia Peshtemal Turkish towel

SUPER VERSATILE: Perfect for Bath, Beach, Pool, Spa, Sauna, Travel, Yoga, Camping, Baby Care, Yacht, Gym, Fitness, Cover Up, Table Cloth, Picnic Blanket, and Throw Blanket. The possibilities are just endless. Also, they don't pick up sand like terry towels when you hit the beach.

  • 100% Turkish Cotton
  • Made in Turkey
  • Highest quality Turkish Towel available
  • Product gets softer as you wash it
  • May be machine or hand washed

GENEROUS SIZE 100X180cm (40" x 70")00 x 180 cm)

ABSORBENT and QUICK DRY ! As absorbent as terry towels. Easily and frequently washable, quickly dries and is durable. Being environmentally friendly, it requires less water and detergent while washing.

LIGHT WEIGHT and SPACE FRIENDLY ! Easily carriable due to low weight. It takes up less space in your bag or on shelf. Good for travel


PERFECT FOR TRAVEL: Lightweight, easy to fold and carry, compact. They take up much less space than other towels which make them very practical for travel, vacations, and weekend getaways. Size: 40"x70" in. (102 x 178 cm),

MACHINE WASHABLE: Safe for washing machine. Made of 100% pure Turkish cotton. Gets softer and more absorbent after every wash. Naturally-dyed, eco-friendly, and have no chemicals or harmful substances. Made in Turkey